To everyone that participated in the purchasing, wrapping and delivery of our Christmas for Kids gifts. It was a very heart warming experience and it made the children very happy.
From November 2005 to January 2006 over $6,100.00 worth of gifts and donations were distributed.

Next meetings: 8/3 & 8/17 @ 7PM:
SAT. 7/22: We had a GREAT time at the party!
SUN. 9/10:  Scheduled chapter event...Our second visit to Antietam...More info later
ATTENTION: We now have ALR Pins, 2005 & 2006 Year Bars. They will be available at our meetings. Large & small rockers are also available.

1/06:  A check was presented to the York County Red Cross Chapter for $1,282.10.
12/24/05:  All Christmas for Kids gifts have been delivered. A total of $4,400.00 worth of gifts were purchased.
12/3/05:  The first delivery of gifts for our Christmas for Kids program has been made. Gifts were delivered to approximately 50 children.
11/17/05: Over $500.00 worth of non-perishable goods were presented to the York Cancer Center.
ATTENTION MEMBERS:  There is a standing offer to anyone who wants to ride on Sunday's. (Providing we don't have a scheduled Chapter ride) Meet at 791 at 8AM, go for breakfast and then decide where to ride. Bring your appetites and ride ideas.
12/3: By vote we have decided not to host the 2006 State Rally due to unaswered issues concerning licenses and pavilion renovations. We will be considering 2007 hosting.
Meeting dates...From 4/1 till 11/30 we will have BI-MONTHLY meetings on the FIRST and THIRD THURSDAY.  The remainder of the year or 12/1 thru 3/31 we will have a MONTHLY meeting on the FIRST THURSDAY of each month.
Quorum...At any meeting if a motion is made to be voted on, there must be a 2 to 1 ratio of members over board members. EXAMPLE: 3 board members to 6 members.
Riding formation...At anytime we are riding as a group. We will ride in a alternating staggered formation, maintaining at least 1 bike length in distance for every 10 mph we are traveling. ( _ - _ - _ - _ - ) We will close-up to side by side at stop lights and stop signs. ( ======= )

INTERESTING INFO as of 4/20/06:
Type of Legion membership:  Veteran = 26...SAL = 34... AUX = 11
Make of Motorcycles owned: BMW = 1... HD = 48...Honda = 6... Kawasaki = 2...Kymco = 1...Suzuki = 4...Triunph = 1...Yamaha = 2... Riding as passengers = 6
Age of members: 21 to 29 = 1...30 to 39 = 8...40 to 49 = 15...50 to 59 = 34...60 to 69 = 12...70+ = 1
Female or Male members:  F = 12...M = 59

Must be a VET, SAL or AUX member in good standing with any American Legion Post. Must own a street legal motorcycle of 250cc or more. Passenger memberships are also available. Joining the ALR Shiloh Post 791 does not require transfer of Post membership. Membership fee is $12.00/yr.